Simon Hollowood


Simon has over 10 years’ experience in travel behaviour change and transport planning focusing on walking and cycling.

Simon started his career at Steer in 2006. He specialises in transport strategy and planning to generate travel behaviour change, helping clients to achieve transport, air quality and health outcomes. For five years he managed Steer’s cycle training support contract with the UK Department for Transport, including payment of grants totalling £12m annually. He has prepared successful funding bids on behalf of clients including Kingston’s mini-Holland bid and Westminster’s Low Emission Neighbourhood bid.

At Steer, Simon supports our UK planning division working with clients on transport planning and behaviour change projects.

Articles and insights by this expert

27 Apr 2020

How can travel behaviour change support public transport in a post-Covid-19 world?

At Steer, we’ve been discussing what opportunities there may be to lock in the benefits of the lockdown, such as less congestion and air pollution, and more walking and cycling. Travel behaviour change theory talks about the opportunities presented by ‘change moments’ – this change moment is monumental and bold steps are needed to make the most of the challenges and opportunities that are presented.

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12 Sep 2018

Cleaning the air in our towns and cities

The European Commission is referring the UK government to the European Court of Justice over the government’s failure to achieve targets for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions and “for failing to take appropriate measures to keep exceedance periods as short as possible”.

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16 Mar 2017

Not all that glitters is gold

While the benefits of EVs are considerable, their uptake should be encouraged in a balanced way, learning the lessons from the huge growth in the number of diesel cars and the unforeseen consequences for local air quality.

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