Steer ranks as number one technical advisor

Infralogic's recent report highlights Steer's continued leadership in the global transport infrastructure market.

Infralogic, the leading provider of infrastructure data and insights, have recently published its 3Q23 Rankings and Trends Report, and we are delighted to announce that Steer has retained its top-ranking position by number of transport infrastructure transactions. This year, Steer served as technical advisor on 11 deals that successfully reached financial closure, with a total transaction value of more than USD 2.3 billion.

Steer continued its close collaboration with infrastructure developers, sponsors, and financial institutions worldwide, engaging in diverse transport infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, ferries, rail systems, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Infralogic has tracked a total of 304 transport sector transactions that were completed in the first nine months of 2023 globally, amounting to an investment exceeding USD 77 billion. These transport deals represent 17% of the total transactions value.

Steer ranks as number one technical advisor

Infralogic’s report highlights an overall slowdown in infrastructure and energy finance activity. Project finance and M&A transactions experienced a significant decline in the first three quarters of 2023, with a 20% decrease in the number of completed transactions and a 24% reduction in their total value compared to 3Q22.

Infralogic also emphasises that, “despite the slowdown in dealmaking, the fact that many large deals are still getting done shows the resiliency and robustness of the infrastructure market.”

We’re looking forward to further aiding our clients in 2024 as we continue to provide powerful answers to the transport sector's most complex questions.


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